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Boat Basshead 255 Review

The boAt Bassheads 225 is a cost-effective pair of canal type in-ear headphones that offer a boosted bass response and durable construction to the Indian market. Their 10 mm drivers fall just below the middle of the normal range for this type of design, which can range from 8.8 to 12.5 mm, and do not fail to live up to their name. So Let’s know more about Boat Basshead 225. The best part about boat earphones is that it comes with one year warranty, So if in case you need to claim the warranty you can visit bOAT Service center

Boat bass head 225 review
Basshead 225 Image


The Bassheads 225 ship with one set of earphones, a microphone clip, two ear clips, and three sets of ear inserts in different sizes to allow you to customize the fit to your ears. The headphones feature a tangle-free flat cable, a gold plated jack, and an in-line microphone for phone calls. The headphones themselves feature passive noise cancellation and a 90-degree connector.

boat basshead review

Boat Basshead 225 Design & Build Quality

The team at boAt has successfully brought many luxury features to this cost-effective headphone set. Once you remove the earphones from their packaging, the first thing you will notice is the weight of the figured metal chassis. The engraving they have applied to the shells are attractive, while also providing a better grip when it’s time to put your headphones on. The build quality is impressive at this price point, and it doesn’t stop there. The tangle-free cables are more flexible than the round cables found on many competing products, which means your headphones will last longer and are less susceptible to cable short-circuits.

Boat basshead 225

Build Quality – Awesome


Cable Lenght – Prefect


Cable Strength


Objects & Elements Placement


Design – Average


L Shape – 3.5mm Jack – Perfect


Earcups/ Earbuds – Anti Slip – Perfect but provides some pain


Tangle Free – Not Always.


Overall Experience – Average Hai Boss


The connector is gold-plated to ensure you never have any corrosion issues and always have a strong, high-quality signal connection. The 90-degree jack does not make much of a difference when you are using the earphones with a cell phone but is a very nice touch you will appreciate any time you are using them with a laptop or tablet. This 90-degree orientation will make using your device with the headset plugged in more comfortable, and will further protect your cable from damage.

The Bassheads come in a sleek, professional black and grey finish, or a variety of fun colors to match your style and personality. Selecting a colored option will give you the same charcoal metal enclosures, but will feature a colored cable, matching silicone ear inserts, and a decorative band of the same color across the center of the unit. These three colorful elements tie together very nicely to give your earphones some character and really make them feel like yours.

Overall, the boAt Bassheads 225 boasts an impressive, durable build quality that should last you a long time. It looks like the boat team knows this too — these headphones ship with a one-year warranty and online reviews show that they really stand behind their product.

Boat Basshead 225 Sound Quality

When you buy a product called “Bassheads,” you will have some expectations of the sound profile, and you will not be disappointed. The Basshead 225s offers an impressive bass response for their size. With an effective range of 20 Hz – 20KHz these headphones cover the entire human hearing frequency, ensuring a full and accurate sound reproduction for all users. This, however, is where some considerations come in. In order to provide the clear, strong bass response offered by these earphones, the engineers at boAt have had to “scoop,” or reduce, the mid-range frequencies. This works well for bass-driven music such as EDM or Vishal-Shekhar but is not always desirable. Any mid-heavy popular music tends to lose a little richness as a result.

Boat bass head 225 sound quality

Bass Of Basshead 225 – Better than Good


Treble -Average


Vocals – Good But Hurts Sometimes


Furthermore, you will want to consider carefully what you plan to use the earphones for. Will you be listening to a mix of music, podcasts, and films? If so, you may find the extra bass response prevents you from clearly hearing some of the details of the conversations. Since voices often sit in the scooped out the midrange.

This can also be an issue if you prefer listening to music with a lot of guitars, as the guitar also occupies a large section of the midrange.

As such, your sound quality experience will vary depending on what you use the headphones for. But if you are looking at headphones named the “Bassheads,” there is a good chance. These will be exactly what you are looking for.

As such, your sound quality experience will vary depending on what you use the headphones for. But if you are looking at headphones named the “Bassheads,” There is a good chance these will be exactly what you are looking for. ]

Shall You Buy Basshead 225

I think if your budgets are somewhere near to Rs500. Once you should check our article – Best Earphones Under 500 In India. & if you are a bass lover I think you should go for it. Because this comes with amazing one yr warranty, which is really good at this price, So go for it. I personally recommend you to buy this from amazon. because if in case you didn’t loved it you can easily refund it under 10days

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