KZ ZS6 In-Ear Earphones Review

KZ ZS6 Quad Driver HiFi In-Ear

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KZ ZS6 Quad Diver Hifi In-Ear Earphones Review is here. These earphones from KZ (Kziems) no doubt the earphones are looking damn cool. To be honest, These earphones are really underrated a lot.

The best part about these earphones is that they have detachable cables. Well, let’s explore more about this awesome piece of tech.

KZ ZS6 Review, Earphones Review

So according to japan wiki, these earbuds were launched in 2017. Because in 2017 only to 2 releases were made by KZ which were “ZS5 & ZS6”. Well, this is a small history round-up, I know you no care about that. So let’s move on to the serious part which is the KZ ZS6 review.

KZ ZS6 Overview

These earbuds come with a unique design & detachable. The design looks sporty & also support comfort while running as well.

The advantages of the detachable cable that you can make this earbud Bluetooth by using some third-party accessories & you can also go with silver cable for better audio experience.

The material used is Aluminum Alloy, The cable quality of these earbuds is pretty awesome.

KZ ZS6 Box Content

KZ ZS6 Review, K Z Earphones
  • User guide
  • Detachable cable
  • earcups & earbuds

KZ ZS6 Features

  • Unique Design
  • Detachable cable
  • Lite weight but strong
  • Wired but can be used via Bluetooth*
  • Good cable length: 1.2m
  • Hybrid driver type
  • Jack 3.5 & L-bend angle
  • Hook angle for ear support
  • 10mm dynamic driver & 6mm dynamic driver
  • iPhone compatible
  • With Microphone


Hmm, In-short this wins. But if you are round shape earphones person then this is not that perfect for you. These earbuds come in three different colors which are.

KZ ZS6 Design, KZ Earphones, KZ ZS6 Color

The design look-alike sporty & with have sharp edge design, So unique + this design also helps the airflow to go smooth & provides you a more powerful sound.


KZ Design is unique & perfect for all

Bass & Sub Bass
Looks & Colors
Overall & Support


Pretty Good, Unique & Sporty Design


Sound / Music Quality

Sound Quality

Sound & Music

Hey, we can name this perfect earbud in sound quality, as well

Bass & Sub Bass
Mids & Vocals
Highs & Treble
Sound Leaks
Sound Isolation
Response to equalization


KZ provides perfect sound & music quality


Technical Information

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About : KZ ZS6 Hifi is a Quiet affordable earbuds by K Z a.k.a Kziems awesome Chinese company face behind making this awesome earbuds
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