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RealMe Buds Air

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If you want to have an amazing experience with great sound quality in your earphones, Then Realme Buds Air is a perfect choice. Realme Buds Air offers indeed a truly wireless experience, which means no tangling wires that irritate you.

Every user will love the so comfortable design of Realme Buds Air that looks very similar to Apple’s AirPods. Realme Company did find a way to make this lightweight Air Buds design and that too at a very affordable price range.

The Air Buds are so much alike Apple AirPods that not the only Realme made the exact design of Air Buds but also the word “Air” from the “Air Pods”. The only differences between them are some of the features and the details.

But the major difference is the price range. Apple’s AirPods are worth 14,900 INR while Realme Buds Air is only 3,999 INR. The Buds Air are specifically made for Music, Movies and Gaming Lovers as it has a high-quality sound that will provide you a life-like experience.

Amazing Features

Realme Buds Air, Realme Buds
Realme Buds Air

Realme Buds Air has many unique and special features that are beneficial for the user. Although the Realme Buds Air is inspired by the unique design of Apple AirPods, they are not the same if you look more closely.

One must have a look at these amazing features that will surely make you dazzle about this wireless Buds Air.

Advanced R1 Chip

The Advanced R1 Chip mounted inside Realme Buds Air will provide an uninterruptible connection between the smartphone and wireless earbuds. The powerful chip operation will ensure that there is fluency in smart controls and micro-processing unit.

R1 Chip is also responsible for longer battery life and optimal usage. The overall performance of the sound quality depends on the operation of this fast-processing Chip.

Dual-Channel Transmission

Users will have a more lively experience due to the use of the Dual-Channel Transmission. One can listen to each and every background instruments sound if we talk about music.

But this Dual Channel Transmission is more suitable for experiencing gaming like never before. It helps you to experience 360 surround sound and that too without any surrounding noise.

Improved ENC Technology

Built-in high-quality ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation) Technology is helpful in transmitting your clear voice while calling.

The combination of two microphones for calling will filter out the unwanted background noise of your surroundings along with interpreting every word intelligently.

The lovely voice of users will be heard clear and fine even if the user is at the center of a crowd. The communication will be better due to the use of Improved ENC Technology.

Classy Curvy Design

The beautiful R-shaped angle promotes the curvy design to provide you more comfortability. More than 20 arcs shape the wireless charging case of Realme Buds Air.

It will also provide you grip which prevents slipping of the charging case from the user’s hands. The curvy design not only forms a physically round shape but also make it look more attractive.

Dynamic Colors

Realme Buds Air allows you to choose your favorite color among the below-given trio.

  • Shiny White
  • Dashing Yellow
  • Pure Black

Powerful Bass Boost

Enjoy the powerful Bass Boost sound without losing the fidelity of the original sound.

Thunderous moments in movies or games will become more alive with LCP Advanced MultiLayer Diaphragm.

Realme Buds Air provides a thrilling experience with the high-quality sound unit. Powerful Bass will not provoke a headache or take over the background noise.


Realme Buds Air weighs less than an A4 size paper sheet. A Single piece of Buds Air has 4.2 grams of weight while an A4 size paper has 4.3-gram weight.

The lightweight design makes you feel like you have worn nothing. Users can ignore this negligible weight of this wireless buds. It is comfortable to wear for your ears as well as auditory canals.

You will not experience any pain even if you use and wear it for hours.

Instant Connectivity

As soon as you open the wireless charging case of Realme Buds Air, it will automatically connect to the nearest device to which it previously paired with.

You are free from every day setting up the wireless earbuds manually. You can pair Buds with your phone by only pressing a single button when pairing for the first time.

Auto In-Ear Detection

Realme Buds Air - Sensor

With the smart optical sensor, Realme Buds Air can predict if they are being used or not. It will stop the music as you remove them from your ears and will play as soon as you plug them in your ears.

You can start from exactly where you left it. It is comfortable to wear for every ear ready to listen through the wireless buds with amazing design.

Control Everything with a Touch

Realme Buds Air allows you to control everything with your index finger. You just have to do the following.

  • Single Click – To pair for the first time
  • Double Click – To answer calls or Play and Pause the music playback
  • Triple Click – Jump to next song on the cue
  • Long Press on Any Side – End the ongoing call or Launching voice assistant
  • Long Press on Both Sides – Enter or Exit the gaming mode

Anytime Google Assistant

Users can access the Google Assistant by long-pressing on one side of the Realme Buds Air. The voice assistant supports the operations such as making a call to someone, play or pause music, opening any apps in your smartphone, and many more.

You can control everything anytime with the Google Voice Assistant. The dual microphones will recognize your specified voice and will only operate on your voice.

Long Battery Life

Along with the high-quality long-lifespan battery, Realme Buds Air also offers a music playback of 3 non-stop hours with only a few hours of charging.

The great battery life of 17 hours makes it even more enjoyable. The intuitive battery information will be displayed on your smartphone.

Wireless Fast Charging

Realme Buds Air offers wireless charging which will help you to get rid of the wired charging. Just place the case containing buds on the wireless charger that supports Type-C charging. The 10W wireless charging case will indicate ongoing charging through Led light on the top of the case.

Well Tested

There are various types of testing of each and every function and hardware part of the Realme Buds Air. Due to the well-tested products, the users trust this brand and quality that Realme serves. Several tests are performed for a specific amount of time to check the quality, durability, and functionality of Realme Buds Air.

  • Drop Test – 12000 Times
  • Opening and Closing Wireless Case – 10000 Times
  • Charging Port Stability – 7000 Times
  • Power on/off – 5000 Times
  • Waterproof Button Test – 2500 Times
  • 336H Temperature Test – -50 to 75 degrees Celsius.


Realme Buds Air is one of the products that are worth to spend your money on. It will not be superior to all the wireless buds that are currently available in the market.

But it is surely a reliable and affordable option for every music and gaming lover. One can get high-quality sound with a powerful bass boost.

Realme Buds Air provides essential and smart features along with a more comfortable and convenient experience. Purchasing this wireless buds of 3999 INR rate will invite a cyclone of thrillingness in every movie you see, every game you play, and every music you listen to.

Realme Buds Air is indeed the best affordable wireless buds that one must purchase.


  • Comfortable Curvy Design
  • Instant Stable Connectivity
  • Light in Weight
  • Type-C Wireless Charging
  • Powerful Mid and Decent Bass
  • Auto Pause/Play by Voice Assistant
  • Clear Speech with ENC Technology


  • Slow Touch Response
  • Average Overall Sound Quality
  • Battery Life is not so impressive

Reasons to Purchase:

AirPods Like Design: The design is so similar to Apple’s AirPods so you will not have to spend a good fortune in purchasing expensive Apple’s AirPods. Instead, you can purchase the Realme Buds Air that has a reasonable price range.

Wireless Charging Case: The wireless Type-C charging case will let you free from wired charging problems. Wireless charging is a more convenient and time-saving way to charge the Realme Buds Air.

Comfortable to Wear: Due to the curvy design, it is comfortable to wear Realme Buds Air for hours. One can have a painless uninterrupted experience when listening with these wireless buds.

Instant Pairing: As soon as one opens the wireless charging case of Realme Buds Air, it will instantly connect with the nearest paired device. There will not be any wasting of time in manually setting up every time one needs to listen to the songs.

Dual Microphone for Calling: The voice of the user will be transmitted clear and noise-free while talking to someone using Realme Buds Air. Dual Microphones along with ENC Technology will filter out the surrounding noise.

Reasons to Avoid

Sound Quality: The sound quality of Realme Buds Air is not the same as Apple’s AirPods. It has an average rating by some of the customers who purchased these wireless buds. But the sound quality is worth the money you are spending on.

Lightweight Design: Realme Buds Air only weighs 4.2 grams so you will not feel it after using it for several minutes. So you need to take care of these buds while you are riding or traveling to prevent losing it.

Touch Response: The touch response of Realme Buds Air is somewhat lagging. The touch response may work properly in 7 out of 10 times. One may have to touch a few times in case the touch response may lag sometimes.

Price Of RealMe Buds Air?

The price of realme buds air is ₹3,999. Which is not that bad. You can order them from Amazon, Flipkart & Offical site of Realme

Color’s Available For Buds Air

Realme buds comes in there different color’s. Yellow, White & Black

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