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Seventy-Seven Earphones E102 Review – Not What Expected Under ₹299!

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Seventy-Seven is a new earphones company or we can say sub-brand of Jipin Ventures. Seventy-Seven is trying to serve the customer in the budget. #FORINDIANCONSUMER, Today we will be having a look towards the Seventy Seven E102 Earphone which is one product of this brand. The best part of this earphone is that this comes in the budget of ₹299/- on Amazon.

Note:- This full review & information is collected on the base of internet research & special thanks to techoob. The tech creator for allowing us to use the information & photos for his videos.

Box Content Of E102

Credit:- Techoob

Before starting about box content lets start with box design content (look)

Top Side

The top side of this box contains some useful details like. 3 button remote universal mic, Extra bass, Metallic feel & lightweight & comfortable

Front Side

The front side look just contains the brand logo, Tag line & branding kinds of stuff. This also contains the model number which is E102. And that is it.

Back Side

The backside of the box contains some details like the packing content. The design of the carrying case, The earphone design look. Some social media handles & contact details & more

What we get within the box.

  • Warranty Card – We get 6months of warranty with these
  • earphones. Just make sure that the invoice is with you.
  • Carrying Case with the earphones.
  • In the Carrying case, we get to see Earbuds = 6 pairs of total Earbuds with these earphones. Color of the earbuds are in white

The earphones are packaged in the carrying case. With the extra cups (earbuds) in white color. The first impression of these earphones is really good according to this price range, & the wire quality is also good. The cables feel like they are made up of leather & silicon but actually, it is made up of plastic. So this was a box content & some 1st impressions of these seventy-seven earphones. Now let’s have a look at Build quality & sound quality.

Build Quality

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Image By Amazon
Seventy Seven E102 Review, E102 Review, Seventy Seven Earphones Review, Earphones Review, Earphones Under 300
Image From Amazon

The build quality of these earphones is good at this price, The material used in earphones is Plastic & rubber. The plus side of these earphones is that comes with tangle-free cables which are really good, & while talking about the cables, The cables give the premium feel. The music & volume controller is made up of plastic with the seventy-seven earphones branding, The color of this volume controller is in gold. This really looks cute & classic. The talking about the 3.5mm jack which is gold plated which is rare in this price range.

Build Quality

Honestly, the build is good, but just not great like the boat basshead 225. But in this price range, this provides a good quality

Volume Controller
Audio Jack


Plastic made but the Build Quality is Good At The Price + It comes with 6mo of warranty.


Audio/Music Quality

The music quality of these earphones is just good & clear but in some cases, the distortion is been noticed. & at the full volume, the earphone gives some extra(More than needed noise). The fits are also good & the fitting of the jack is just ok. Now let’s talk about the bass. The box of these earphones mentions that these earphones come with extra bass. Again according to this budget of Rs300 the bass is good but not that great. Now talking about call sound quality that also good.

Audio Quality

Bass Of Earphones
Overall Audio Output


Audio Quality is good. Perfect bass but the only is is noticed when the music is played on the full volume


Review From Saaquib Neyazi – Amazon

Seventy Seven Earphones Photo Images & Techoob

So, I tried this earphone from Seventy Seven and am super confident that it is one of the best earphone for the price point of 299. What you can expect at this price? This earphone got you covered.
Premium Wire quality
Carrying Case
Good Fitting
Loud Sound Quality
Average Bass
Good Design
Control Buttons (Volume Slider too)

No Noise Cancellation
Plastic Material

5 stars

Namrata J. – Amazon Review

Now this is how an earphone should be. Lovely case and solid sound. Nothing up nothing down. Just pure magic

Technical Specs On Amazon mentioned by Seller – Seventy Seven

  • IN THE BOX:- 1 Earphone, 1 Carry Case, 2 Pair Extra Ear tips

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